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Euro Records

The collections of EURO RECORDS S.A. today are recognized by tango lovers worldwide for its high quality and historical value. This is also the fruit of our work.
Given the legal nature of the BUENOS AIRES TANGO CLUB, we were not authorized to realize lucrative or commercial activities. This circumstance hindered the work of reissue recording material, which is held by multinational companies. These companies set minimum amounts of emissions (1000 units) that hinder the placement if it is designed to be exclusively between the members of the institution.

For this reason, in 2001, BUENOS AIRES TANGO CLUB decided to create the record label RECORDS EURO SA, an ideal instrument to allow marketing without any limitations, such as buy, sell, borrow, incorporating personnel involved in the sale, pay fees, make collections, etc.., etc.

Since then, Euro Records S. A. has functioned as a tool of BUENOS AIRES TANGO CLUB, allowing a steady growth that has led to currently occupy second place in the country in the heading of tango records. 

The catalog of Euro Records, at the behest of artistic advice and criteria of BUENOS AIRES TANGO CLUB, today reaches the 150 editions in its 5 series: 
TK File

  • 78 rpm Collection
  • RCA File
  • Columbia File
  • ODEON File
  • Own Editions

It also handles distribution in domestic and international commercial circuits of the Collection Magazine, exclusive production of the BUENOS AIRES TANGO CLUB.
Most issues are co-productions with Sony BMG Argentina SA, who are united by a convention that allows the exploitation of the catalog of treasured old recordings by this company, and that for commercial reasons, are not directly operated by it due to the low significance of business-related to item tango. 
To do this we must overcome the odds of a financial nature that causes operative imposed by the conditions in which peremptory set by the multinational forces to maintain voluminous stocks and significant level of investment.
Euro Records S.A. is intended to continue this effort and keep pace with the edits made to the present, it is the objective of EURO Records SA as a channel of the BUENOS AIRES TANGO CLUB, contribute further to retrieve, disseminate and revitalize popular citizen music. 


Buenos Aires Tango Club

We look forward to your questions or suggestions and if you want, we  invite you to contact us. 

  • (1051) - Capital Federal 
  • Buenos Aires - Argentina
  • Tel: (+54 11) 4953-3436
  • Fax: (+54 11) 4954-6855
  • Email: info@buenosairestangoclub.com
  • Website: www.buenosairesntangoclub.com
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