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Inside the Club

The BUENOS AIRES TANGO CLUB  is a civil entity without purposes of profit founded by a group of tangueros of Buenos Aires in 1995.
Its fundamental aim is the preservation and diffusion of the whole material that has to go with this cultural manifestation that it does to the identity of the argentinians. And the tango is music. For it we have taken it as a basic task of preserving sonorous material: research, rescue, condition and edition of record material, radial captures and old recordings that were considered lost or forgotten. The rescued material was remasterized with the new recording digital skills and placed at the disposal of the associates.

Founded on November 28, 1995,  It obtained the juridical legal status granted by the General Inspection of Justice of The Nation on July 7, 1997. In the foundational statute it’s fixed  as aim :
“THE SECOND ARTICLE: There are their intentions, all of them without purposes of profit: To spread, to know and to make know everything relating to the popular music And especially the tango, by means of bibliographic elements, recordings, and any other way of recording and outsourcing of reading, video and hearing and any type of diffusion, broadcast or social communication. To file records, elements, to classify them and put them into encyclopedia. To receive in lending donation or to acquire all kinds of element that express outwardly the verse and the popular music, o be given among his their associates, or by means of the reproduction and edition of those that will be unpublished or that will have been extracted in series or there will be acquired the records or recording of any electronic or mechanical type, or one was possessing the sufficient fitting out of the one who will hold the right on the work. To spread equally the dance, by means of its education, and the music, in the interpretation and composition among their associates compromising teachers suitable in the above mentioned means, in the shape of fee or rented, agree the associates of the assembly decide it.”

From the beginning, the group of 20 founding associates did not stop growing until reached at present more than 3500 associates of the country and abroad. Connoisseurs and lovers of the tango, artists and amateurs that approach this community that works for the tango.
The association is free, and to belong ito the Club implies being connected by the tango, obtaining latest news and advice on the part of the researchers of the club in all the historical aspects of the Tango, latest cds and benefits in our material.

Buenos Aires Tango Club

We look forward to your questions or suggestions and if you want, we  invite you to contact us. 

  • (1051) - Capital Federal 
  • Buenos Aires - Argentina
  • Tel: (+54 11) 4953-3436
  • Fax: (+54 11) 4954-6855
  • Email: info@buenosairestangoclub.com
  • Website: www.buenosairesntangoclub.com
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